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BladderBoss from Amara Therapeutics

Amara Therapeutics BladderBoss logo

Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a debilitating bladder condition that affects 52 million women between the US and EU. Overactive Bladder has three main symptoms; urinary urgency (needing to rush to the bathroom unexpectedly), urinary frequency (needing to urinate far more than is considered normal) and Nocturia (need to awaken during the night to urinate multiple times). Having an unpredictable bladder has a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life.
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leva® from Renovia

leva pelvic health system logo

Boston-based, women-led Renovia was formed to better diagnose, treat, and potentially improve the lives of millions of women through a platform of innovative sensor technologies combined with a digital health platform.

This allows precise, cost-effective visualization and treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles in real time, while collecting actionable compliance and progress data on women’s pelvic health.Continue reading

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Peel Away Labs

Peel Away Labs logo

Are you a caregiver or taking care of someone at home?  Peel Away Labs understands incontinence is an uncomfortable situation so they created Peelaways to give your loved ones a luxuriously soft, 100% waterproof fitted sheet that you could change in 60 seconds.Continue reading

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InControl Diapers

Time to Stay InControl of Your Incontinence!

InControl Diapers is your trusted partner in restoring freedom and joy through top-quality, ultra-absorbent, and comfortable incontinence supplies. Their dedicated team of professionals is committed to helping you discover the perfect products tailored to your needs. With over three decades of experience, their product catalog has been extensively researched and tested to meet the highest standards when it comes to all forms of incontinence.
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Tilla Care

TillaCare (previously known as GR Dome Medical) was established by experts in medicine and technology in Israel and Sweden. They saw an opportunity and developed an innovative and effective solution for female urine collection.Continue reading

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Carewell is the most trusted and convenient online source of home health products and caregiver essentials for family caregivers caring for their loved ones.

Caregivers love their free 1-2 day shipping, lowest price guarantee, and expert guidance.


“Family is at the heart of everything we do.” –– Bianca & Jonathan, Husband & Wife Founders, Carewell.

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Elitone incontinence products

ELITONE® and ELITONE URGE by Elidah, Inc.


ELITONE® allows you to Regain Control and Regain Confidence! It is an FDA-

cleared treatment that is discreet and easily used at-home in the most nonintrusive way. ELITONE is non-vaginal, and simply worn under clothes, allowing women to walk around during a short 20 minutes.

Provided in two options, ELITONE exercises the pelvic floor muscles — essentially doing Kegel exercises for you (longer and stronger than you can) — improving bladder control and reducing leaks in as few as 6 weeks. ELITONE sends out the signals for BOTH stress incontinence and overactive bladder, giving those who have both symptoms an option.Continue reading

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The CareGiver Partnership

The Caregiver Partnership logoThe CareGiver Partnership is a group of caregivers who have gone through this process with their own parents.  Instead of trying to be everything caregiving, they have focused on one of the largest challenges: incontinence.Continue reading

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LABORIE 50th logo

LABORIE, a leading global developer and manufacturer of medical devices in the pelvic health and gastroenterology markets, is proud to celebrate over 50 years of innovation and commitment to improving the lives of patients suffering from Urologic and Gastrointestinal disorders.

LABORIE’s product line includes solutions for Urodynamics, Anorectal Manometry, Uroflowmetry, Ultrasound, Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Gastroenterology and Neurology. Continue reading