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Boston-based, women-led Renovia was formed to better diagnose, treat, and potentially improve the lives of millions of women through a platform of innovative sensor technologies combined with a digital health platform.

This allows precise, cost-effective visualization and treatment of weakened pelvic floor muscles in real time, while collecting actionable compliance and progress data on women’s pelvic health.

Restoring pelvic health by strengthening pelvic floor muscles through clinically benefiting solutions is paramount to treating the underlying causes of pelvic floor disorders.

leva Pelvic Health System fromRenovia

Renovia is combining the development of innovative FDA cleared medical devices with state-of-the-art patient-based app technology and data management systems to empower patients to take back control of their pelvic floor muscles. Their medical devices and mobile app (software designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices) utilizes patented technology, micro-sensors, and Bluetooth communications designed to provide enhanced value-based care, track progress and reinforce compliance and adherence.

About leva®

Renovia’s flagship product, the leva® Pelvic Health System, offers a novel, non-invasive, medication-free way for women to train and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles—at home in just five minutes a day—to treat urinary incontinence. Combining a small FDA-cleared vaginal wand connected to a smartphone app, leva offers precise visualization of pelvic movement in real-time, enables progress tracking and allows active physician involvement, all of which support a women’s success.

leva is available by prescription, allowing physicians the opportunity to treat UI on a broad scale and with deep involvement in patient success. Published data from globally recognized medical centers support leva’s efficacy.

How to Get the leva

The leva Pelvic Health System requires a prescription from a health care provider. A woman interested in leva should download the medical order form (which can be downloaded at: ) and take it with her to an appointment (or email or fax the form) to her professional healthcare provider to fill out on her behalf.

The completed medical order form, including the healthcare provider’s signature and diagnosis code, must then be faxed (877-800-4371) or emailed ( to the leva Women’s Center where an Educator will be in contact with the woman in 1-2 business days upon receipt of the medical order form. Please note, the medical order form does not obligate a person to purchase.

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Products sold: leva® Pelvic Health System, a digital therapeutic device for urinary incontinence, stress urinary incontinence, urge urinary incontinence, symptoms of OAB, and mixed urinary incontinenceleva pelvic health system from Renovia

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