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Tenderheart Health Outcomes


For nearly two decades, TenderHeart (formerly known as Longhorn Health Solutions) has been improving the lives of those we serve with high-quality incontinence care management. We start with each individual patient by actively listening to their concerns. Then we ask the right questions to learn more about their challenges. Finally, we develop individualized solutions to meet each patient’s specific needs.


Through our personalized coaching and frequent patient interaction, we decrease the likelihood of adverse patient outcomes, helping patients live happier, confident and more independent lives with a higher level of patient satisfaction. Because of these better outcomes and our value-based model, managed care organizations (MCOs) realize substantial savings while also improving the health of their patients.

tenderheart health outcomes


Company: Tenderheart Health Outcomes
1701 Directors Boulevard, Suite 520
Austin, Texas 78744
Customer support:  phone: 877-394-1860





Products sold: Adult absorbent products

Skin care and odor products

Catheters (both indwelling and intermittent)

Urine collectors/Bags

Male external catheters (sheaths, condom catheters)

Body worn urinals

Fecal incontinence devices

Urinals, Enuresis/Bedwetting products


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