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Adam Brown was raised by a single mother in Harlem N.Y. He was a very good child who didn’t make his mother’s life too much harder, but it was simply impossible to toilet train him for the night. Every other morning he woke up to the same mess, a soaking bed and stained sheet. It was very hard for Adam to face his helpless problem. He would wake up early, take off his wet sheet and hide it in the bottom of the laundry basket…

Adam grew older and so did his problem. His mother reached out to a pediatric urologist to see if there’s an underlying disease that explains his bedwetting. The doctor affirmed that he will outgrow it and was only able to advise them to wait it out. The nurse at the clinic told Mrs. Brown that she can get at the local pet shop “Reusable Underpads” and it will make laundering much easier.

In the beginning, they worked amazingly and it seemed to be the solution for Adam’s problem. After time, Adam started to get rashes on his back from laying in the urine and eventually the rashes turned into infections.

Underpads used to be a “Bed Protector” but nothing to protect the person laying on it. It had a polyester backing and a fabric facing so it would hold all the urine from leaking. But the person laying on it was simply sleeping in a pool of urine…

In addition, the pads started to fall apart and buying new ones every few weeks was very costly.

After time he grew it out and bedwetting was no more a topic in the house. However, the pickle of his childhood was always on his mind and he promised himself that he is going to change the world, invent something to relieve those in discomfort.

Upon his graduation for his degree in textile design, Adam joined Improvia and started working with our textile designers to design the finest textiles.

After trying and failing with so many designs and patterns, Adam invented the wheel!

He designed the “Swift Dry” Reusable Bed Pad, which wicks its fluid to the sides and dries on its own in 10 minutes!

The pad was tested, tried, and proven to work! It was immediately sent to production and as of today 1,000,000 pads were sold and donated to Kids & Adults over the world!

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