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Tilla Care

TillaCare (previously known as GR Dome Medical) was established by experts in medicine and technology in Israel and Sweden. They saw an opportunity and developed an innovative and effective solution for female urine collection.

TillaCare’s mission is to bring to market cutting edge urine collection for incontinent men & women that reduces health risks, costs, and increases comfort as well as preventing social isolation.

TillaCare’s first product is the UriCap Female a non-invasive, external urine collection device designed to fit the female anatomy around the urethra. It connects to a standard urine drainage bag. UriCap helps prevent contact between urine and the skin, a common reason for skin irritation and poor wound healing. Another benefit of the device is accurately helping to monitor urine output and quality in order to help prevent dehydration. UriCap is particularly useful for patients at night that are bedridden and suffer from urinary incontinence, therefore improving sleep quality by decreasing interruptions to get up and use the bathroom.

The device offers an innovative solution for patients in nursing homes, homecare and hospitals. UriCap is the superior alternative to an indwelling Foley catheter for monitoring urine, or incontinence products like briefs or pads, a common problem among elderly. UriCap Female is patent pending and registered as a CE labelled and FDA registered, 510k exempt medical device, and covered under Medicare part B in the US.  Use the link here to see if you qualify for the  UriCap or call 1866-204-0353 to speak with a product specialist and place an order.  Some of the traditional Medicaid and managed care plans also cover the UriCap but this varies from State to State.



UriCap female external catheter

Company Address: Tillacare Ltd
14400 Cazado Dr.
Chesterfield MO 63017



Customer Support Email and USA Contacts:

Customer support email:


USA Hospital Market please contact:

Eloquest Healthcare, Inc.

Customer Service Phone: (877) 433-7626 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 to 16:00 (EST)





UriCap Female – a female external catheter


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