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Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a debilitating bladder condition that affects 52 million women between the US and EU. Overactive Bladder has three main symptoms; urinary urgency (needing to rush to the bathroom unexpectedly), urinary frequency (needing to urinate far more than is considered normal) and Nocturia (need to awaken during the night to urinate multiple times). Having an unpredictable bladder has a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life.

Behavioral therapy is the guideline recommended  for 1st line treatment for OAB.  However, it is rarely utilized due to a lack of specialists available to deliver it. Behavioral therapy is clinically proven to be safer, faster acting and of equal efficacy to medications.

Amara Therapeutics, is a Galway-based medtech company founded in 2021.  Amara develops Digital Therapeutics with an initial focus on managing bladder health and reducing the impact of Overactive Bladder. Digital Therapeutics are digitally delivered programs that users access directly through apps on their smartphone, allowing for convenient accessible care provision.

Their first product, BladderBoss, is an app delivered behavioral program that provides users with an 8-week multidisciplinary intervention that combines behavioral therapy techniques with psychology, lifestyle modifications, physiotherapy, and dietetics into one comprehensive program. Users are guided through the program via interactive and engaging audio and video content and can track their progress via an in-built bladder diary. The goal of BladderBoss is to help users better understand their condition and to give them the tools they need to better manage their bladder health.


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Products sold:BladderBoss – a health and wellness app/medical device that is used on a smartphone

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