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PeriCoach from Analytica Ltd.


Pericoach AnalyticaThe PeriCoach System is an FDA cleared device & smartphone app that provides real-time guidance for pelvic floor exercises in the privacy of your own home.
PeriCoach from Analytica

The proprietary technique guidance, developed with leading pelvic health professionals, coupled with the consistent performance of exercises is proven to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles to help reduce and even eliminate bladder leaking.

The smartphone app includes a Bladder Diary which assists with tracking visits to the restroom, bladder leaks, fluid intake as well as pad usage providing a comprehensive picture of progress during treatment.  All this information, along with exercise data, can easily be shared with a clinician seamlessly.   PeriCoach is manufactured by the Australian company, Analytica Ltd.

The Trusted Solution.



Company Address: Analytica Ltd.
320 Adelaide St
Brisbane QLD 4000 Australia
Telephone: US customers call: 844-205-0767


Video – Exercising with PeriCoach  PeriCoach Video

The PeriCoach System is an FDA cleared, clinician recommended, home Kegel exerciser & Smart Phone app that guides women in strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Performing these exercises can help reduce or stop bladder leaking as well as other symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions. Most importantly, it will lead to better quality of life as you regain confidence.




Statistical Study:

PeriCoach® Real-World Data Analysis Reveals Statistically and Clinically Significant Reduction in Incontinence Symptoms Within 3 Weeks


Products Sold: Over-the-counter, prescription not required. Sold online at


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