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180 Medical

180 Medical is one of America’s fastest-growing providers of sterile-use catheters, urologic, ostomy, and related disposable medical supplies. They are chosen by many of the top doctors, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and people across the nation, due to 180 Medical’s dedication to meeting the diverse supply needs of customers while providing the best customer care and service possible.


180_Gentle_Cath180 Medical accepts thousands of health plans and insurance plans, including Medicare and most state Medicaid plans. Their ACHC-accreditation speaks to the fact that they maintain the highest standards in the medical supplies industry.

180 Medical was founded by Todd Brown, who was injured in a motocross accident, and encountered difficulty in adjusting to his new life in Todd Browna wheelchair. On top of having to adjust to life in a wheelchair after rehab, he encountered difficulty with urinary tract infections (UTIs) from using catheters. When he was introduced to closed system catheter kits by some friends he’d met at a wheelchair race, his health improved, and the infections he’d been suffering were drastically reduced. It was such a complete turnaround in the quality of his life, he wanted to be able to provide these types of supplies to anyone who needed them and turn their lives around too.

** View more about Todd’s story here, and find out more about 180 Medical, their service, and products by visiting their website at:**

Company Address: 180 Medical Corporate Headquarters
8516 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City OK 73162
Contact: 1.877.688.2729




How to Purchase 180 Medical Products: Call their toll-free number above.


Products Sold: Intermittent catheters —  closed system catheter kits, hydrophilic catheters, and intermittent straight and coude catheters for men, women, and children

Ostomy supplies

Related urological supplies

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