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Vibrance from Bioinfinity USA


Vibrance BioinfinityVibrance Pelvic Trainer is the premier medical grade pelvic training device for women.

US FDA cleared and clinically proven, Vibrance Pelvic Trainer ensures that safety and effectiveness are guaranteed as you strengthen your pelvic floor.  This product does not require a prescription and is available over-the-counter (OTC).





Vibrance – the FDA Cleared, Clinically Proven Medical Grade Pelvic Muscle Training Device

Vibrance Pelvic Trainer won a Silver Medal at the Medical Design Excellence Award for its ease of use and effective functionality.

As the manufacturer of Vibrance Pelvic Trainer, Bioinfinity USA is committed to delivering only the highest quality medical devices that are clinically proven to be safe and effective.




Company Location: Lutz, Florida


Contact: (855) 984-1600


Websites for product
information and online purchasing: and


Products sold: Vibrance Pelvic Trainer – a training device for women that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles at home. This is an Over-The-Counter product (OTC), which does not need a doctor’s prescription.







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