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QuickChange from UI Medical


The QuickChange Wrap is a new continence product for bed-bound and wheelchair-using men. QuickChanges literally wraps around the penis. They save time,  prevent urine from coming into contact with the skin, they’re easy to change (only necessitating one person), and the individual being treated doesn’t even have to be awake. More importantly, it’s a truly dignified way to deal with a less-than dignified medical issue.QuickChange male incontinence wrap

The Story Behind QuickChange

The QuickChange story begins a few years back when Lorna Mateo’s patient became incontinent.

Mateo, a 5’2, 108 lb. woman, was faced with repeatedly lifting and turning her 6’2, 240 lb. patient in order to change his diaper/brief. Briefs, by design, wrap around the waist and legs, meaning that bed or chair-bound men will be laying on top of them with their full weight when they need to be changed. Though Mateo had experience caring for elderly patients, caring on her own for this patient at a residence forced her to improvise. This led her to fashion a lily pad-shaped design that wrapped around the penis to catch urine to avoid the need to turn her patient over to change his diaper.

Mateo mentioned her concept to Baum Harris, a friend and recently retired serial entrepreneur. They decided to launch a company to patent and commercialize the idea—that’s how UI Medical, the manufacturer of the QuickChange Wrap, came to be.

Company Address: UI Medical
555 E. Ocean Blvd.
Suite 400
Long Beach, CA 90802xx


Telephone: 800-206-2816


Websites links for  purchasing: 1) Direct from UI Medical:

2) Walmart:

3) Parent Giving:

4) Medline:


Product:  Adult male absorbent incontinence wrap

QuickChange male incontinence wrap

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