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Joe & Bella Adaptive Clothing: Dress Easy Again!


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Joe & Bella is an award-winning clothing brand for older adults and people living with disabilities who are looking for a better way to dress.

Joe & Bella’s clothes are easier to put on and off for those who experience difficulty or discomfort during the dressing process. Additionally, some products, like Joe & Bella’s CareZips®, are designed to make changing incontinence products easier and more dignified. Zippers from the waist to the knees easily open the entire pant up for a much easier changing experience for the wearer and caregiver. A patented inseam zipper runs from the inside of one knee to the other, allowing for easy access of incontinence products and other medical devices. Its design means not having to fully undress and redress when toileting, cleaning, or changing incontinent product.

CareZips won the 2022 best-product award from for its innovative function and beautiful style. Joe & Bella has received awards from Tommy Hilfiger, Woman’s Day, Chicago Innovation, Global Health & Pharma and LuxLIfe. To learn more about CareZips or the rest of their stylish adaptive apparel,

Joe & Bella is a “passion project” of a single family whose near-universal experience of caring and advocating for two parents has led them to this path. Although Joe & Bella’s beginnings are both humble and recent, their promise to improve the lives of older adults, their caregivers, and families has catapulted their growth.

Joe & Bella is named after two special individuals whose sense of humor and strength of character inspired and comforted our family during one unforgettable evening 10 years ago. (Read “Our Story” to learn more.)

Their mission is to bring more dignity, joy, and ease to the lives of older adults and those who care for them.

Company: Joe and Bella, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Contact: (773) 482-1125


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Products sold: Adaptive clothing that makes dressing easier for older adults.  Find premium adaptive tops and bottoms for men and women.


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