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Clean Seat undie protector logoThey say “necessity is the mother of invention”.

The Clean Seat Undie Protector® was born out of a need to keep underwear clean.

Many people need coverage for urinary incontinence as well as fecal incontinence or light bowel leakage. The revolutionary new Clean Seat has got you covered! It is almost 13” long, with a unique shape. Its wider part may be used where it is most beneficial. Although it was not designed for very heavy leakage, it does hold over 2 ounces of liquid securely.

The Clean Seat was invented for both men and women. Its patent pending shape is perfect for most undergarments, including briefs, boxers, and panties. There is a strong adhesive covering much of the underside. It is so thin and comfortable; some forget they are wearing it. Its manufacturer likes to call it a mini-pad on steroids. Most of those who sample it will purchase a box.

The list of Clean Seat’s thousands of satisfied customers include pregnant women, those who exercise, truck drivers, those who have had surgery, hemorrhoid sufferers, and as already mentioned, those with urinary and/or fecal incontinence. The company’s premier product is its 30 pack of unisex, unscented pads. They are tested to be hypoallergenic. Why deal with stained underwear, when there is an economical solution? Avoid embarrassment and purchase a box today.

Clean Seat Bed and Seat ProtectorNew to the company is The Clean Seat Bed and Seat Protector, which is a premium super absorbent disposable pad. It was created with the highest quality materials. Extra Large 36″ x 30″ size protects beds, wheel chairs, seats, floors, and cribs. Great for the elderly, incontinence, pregnant women, heavy menstrual periods, baby needs, children bed wetting, pet training, etc. The Clean Seat company has added adhesive strips to each corner for secure placement. The pad has fold over edges, 5 layers of absorbency, plus an additional layer of SAP gel, to lock in wetness. Its plastic backing is super strong. They challenge you to find a heavier pad on the market … Weighing 105+ grams, and able to hold 1600ml without a leak!

The Clean Seat is a proud supporter of T.E.A.L., an organization to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer. T.E.A.L. logo

Company Address: The Clean Seat, LLC
P.O. Box 230162
Brooklyn, NY 11223


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Products sold: The Clean Seat Undie Protector® – absorbent liner pads for light bowel or bladder leakage (LBL).

The Clean Seat Bed and Seat Protector – a premium super absorbent disposable pad.

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