Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer


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New Book Helps Patients and Partners Navigate
Sex and Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

International expert Dr. Jeff Albaugh taps into the knowledge of people who
have experienced prostate cancer first-hand in the new edition of his book,
Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer,
A Guide for Men and Their Partners, 2nd Edition

PITMAN, NJ – With a firm belief that sexual dysfunction doesn’t have to be synonymous with prostate cancer, Jeff Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS, has devoted much of his career to giving patients a voice and helping them achieve successful intimate relationships.

In the second edition of his book, Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer, A Guide for Men and Their Partners, Albaugh lets readers learn through the experiences, stories, and shared wisdom of prostate cancer patients and their partners.

He also presents the physical, emotional, and medical issues surrounding prostate cancer, providing clear, easy-to-understand information and updated details on the disease and its treatments. Most of all, Albaugh seeks to allay fears through knowledge and understanding.

“You probably never thought you would be reading this book,” he writes in his introduction. “You may fear you will never have sex again. You may feel guilty for worrying about sex after your prostate cancer diagnosis. Yet, the thoughts and emotions you are feeling are very normal, and there is hope.”

And hope he gives, as he leads patients and partners through ways to establish intimacy through deeper communication and understanding. He also includes patient and partner reviews on updated treatment options – invaluable information for newly diagnosed patients who may be struggling with which treatment to choose.

In addition to personal stories and advice for patients and partners, Albaugh supports nurses and other health care providers in caring for men and their partners.

Chapters in the book include detailed information on prostatectomy, radiation, and hormone therapies; as well as urinary incontinence, adjusting to physical changes, and the mind as sex organ.

“Dr. Albaugh has changed the landscape by teaching doctors and patients that sexual health after prostate cancer is something that should be discussed at the same time as the cancer treatment plan,” writes Brian Helfand, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Urology, at NorthShore University HealthSystem in Glenview IL, in the book’s foreword. “All men and their partners should read this book.”

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Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer, A Guide for Men and Their Partners, 2nd Edition, can be purchased online at or on Amazon by clicking here.

Jeffrey Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS, is a board-certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Director of the NorthShore University Sexual Health Clinic, Evanston, IL. He has cared for thousands of patients for more than 20 years in urology. He is also a member of the Simon Foundation for Continence’s Advisory Board.

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