Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer


reclaiming sex intimacy after prostate cancerReclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Men and Their Partners – In a clear and patient-friendly style, supplemented with numerous illustrative diagrams and sidebar highlights to emphasize important “take home messages,” Dr. Albaugh discusses the risks to sexual health associated with each type of treatment for prostate cancer, and addresses the specific risks associated with surgery, including urinary incontinence (Chapter 11). The book includes chapters devoted to the importance of psychological well-being to normal sexual function and a message for the partners of men dealing with sexual dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment. This book is an important guide to everything men need to know to maintain sexual health and quality of life during and after prostate cancer.

Jeffrey Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS, is a board-certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Director of the NorthShore University Sexual Health Clinic, Evanston, IL. He has cared for thousands of patients for more than 20 years in urology.

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