Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

reclaiming sex intimacy after prostate cancerReclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Men and Their Partners – In a clear and patient-friendly style, supplemented with numerous illustrative diagrams and sidebar highlights to emphasize important “take home messages,” Dr. Albaugh discusses the risks to sexual health associated with each type of treatment for prostate cancer, and addresses the specific risks associated with surgery, including urinary incontinence (Chapter 11). Continue reading

Managing Life with Incontinence

managing life with incontinenceManaging Life with Incontinence – In this book you will receive guidance from leading experts about how to take control of your life — even when that life includes incontinence. In addition to information about treating and living with incontinence are chapters on building resiliency, communicating with friends, family, and health professionals, and overcoming stigma.Continue reading

Life After Prostatectomy and Other Urological Surgeries

life after prostatectomyLife After Prostatectomy and Other Urological Surgeries – This is one of the very few books ever written geared towards men who develop urinary incontinence after prostate and other urological surgeries. It describes in detail a structured exercise program that patients can follow at home over several weeks to get completely dry. Continue reading