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NorthShore Care Supply


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Improving the Lives of Those Managing Incontinence

– Up to 3x the Leak Protection of Retail Brands –

Since 2002, NorthShore has helped millions of people live life worry-free by staying dry.  Today, we are the leader and trusted brand in premium high-absorbency incontinence products. NorthShore® brand tab-style briefs, protective underwear, pads, liners, bed pads/underpads and accessories are reassuringly strong with up to 3x the leak protection of retail brands.

Reassuringly Strong Protection


NorthShore is committed to helping individuals managing incontinence, as well as their loved ones and caregivers.  Their mission is to help customers live life to the fullest with the absorbent products needed to stay confidently try and enjoy peace of mind.

For more information, visit, or call them at (800) 563-0161 to speak with a customer care expert.

Company Address: NorthShore Care Supply
28000 N Bradley Rd.
Green Oaks, IL 60048
Customer Care & Service: (800) 563-0161 (available 7 days a week)cccc


Website: NorthShore.comcccc


Online Product Finder:


Where to Purchase Products: NorthShore products can be purchased at or by calling (800) 563-0161.


Products Sold: Tab-Style Briefs and Adult Diapers

Protective Underwear & Pull-Ons

Liners & Guards

Booster Pads

Disposable and Washable Underpads and Bed Pads

Cleansing Wipes

Exclusive Offer for Continence Central

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