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Nature Plus, Inc.


Nature Plus NaturCare

NaturCare Odor & Stain Eliminator spray is a natural vegetable extracts & essential oil spray that is functional & pleasant! It has proven effective for incontinence, illness and immobility odor issues that need a quick resolution for over 15 years. A positive resource for individuals, homecare givers & nurses to improve comfort, confidence and dignity.

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NaturCare Key Benefits

  • Smells good & leaves no lingering chemical fumes
  • Offers benefits of Essential Oils: Lavender to calm; Citrus to lift – Orange/Grapefruit & Lemon Burst; Mint for nausea – Spearmint & Peppermint
  • Naturally biodegrades odors – no alcohol, less sensitizing
  • Versatile- safe to use on & around people (including air, intact skin, bedding, diapers, soiled clothes, medical equipment and other water-safe fabrics & surfaces)
  • Helps eliminate organic stains and keep them from setting until laundered on most fabrics
  • Available in convenient (2 oz. & 4 oz.) pocket/purse and glove compartment sizes for home and on the go

About the Company

Nature Plus, Inc. manufactures specialty formulations for consumer applications including natural medical deodorizer products for incontinence use. Their formulations are a blend of natural by-products & protein components derived from a complex fermentation process of selected plant extracts, mineral nutrients and surfactant technology.Nature Plus is a certified small business manufacturing company in Stratford, Connecticut, USA. Since the incorporation of Nature Plus in 1991, the company has marketed branded and private labeled formulations through direct sales and a growing network of domestic and international distributors and specialty marketing companies.

Company Address: Nature Plus, Inc.
55 Rachel Drive
Strafford, CT 06615
Company Telephone & Order Number: 203.380.0316
Products sold: Skin care and odor products

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