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Conni logoGalway Trading USA, the makers of Conni and other incontinence products, is committed to value and reliability. Conni provides the widest range of reusable products from infant / potting training to the elderly. The company is sensitive about incontinence and promises to deliver innovative incontinence products to meet the changing needs of its valued customers. It is with integrity and pride that Galway Trading continues to develop high quality and environmentally sustainable products. From bed pads to undergarments, Conni has you covered for incontinence!

Bed pad series from ConniThe Conni®, Conni Kids® and Conni Critters® ranges were developed by Glenys Drayton, President of Galway Trading. Providing products both within Australia and internationally for over ten years, Galway Trading also owns the Pick-Pcket® and FOF® brands.  The product line also includes Conni Togglz™ re-usable swim pant.

Glenys has more than 30 years experience in design and manufacture of technical textiles, distribution and management of major brand products into the world market. Focusing on ease of use, practicality and efficiency, Galway Trading’s product ranges have provided countless people the opportunity to better manage their lives.

Underwear series from ConniGalway Trading maintains an ongoing commitment to produce environmentally sustainable products that are functional and cost-effective. The company holds the Oeko-Tex accreditation certifying that Conni products are free of any harmful substances that could irritate the skin. Galway Trading’s products are manufactured in its purpose-built, vertically integrated production unit minimizing unnecessary transport and packaging. Its range of products is developed in response to consumer demand and they proudly declare its manufacturing processes free of PVC, latex and formaldehyde. Conni products are recommended by clinicians worldwide. This is testament to our customer service excellence, quality and innovation.


Company Address: Conni / Galway Trading USA LLC
1497 Poinsettia Ave.
Suite 153
Vista CA 92081
Contact: 1.800.794.0763




How to Purchase Conni Products: Conni products can be purchased on the company website or by calling our toll free number on 1800-794-0763.


Products Sold:

Women’s and men’s absorbent products for both fecal and urinary incontinence

Protective products for swimming

Products for protecting furniture due to bedwetting or enuresis

Products for potty-training

Non-slip or fall mats

Products for incontinent pets

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