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Seni from TZMO USA, Inc.


Seni USA logoManufacturing medical products since 1951, TZMO SA, the producer of Seni® is a leading manufacturer and supplier of incontinence and sanitary products, skin care and other medical devices to the global market. TZMO SA employs over 7,500 people all over the world, and its products are available on more than 80 markets. Seni® products are present in mass retailers, pharmacies, nursing homes and all other main distribution channels all over the world.

In the USA, Seni® has been available since 2014. Their mission is to make life easier for its customers and their caregivers through the premium line of products they manufacture because incontinence affects the entire family.

Depending on the level of incontinence, customers can choose from their specialized line of products. Seni® offers:

Seni Lady light incontinence pads for women

Seni Man light incontinence guards for men

Seni Active soft, disposable underwear for moderate and heavy cases incontinence

Seni Super very absorbent briefs for heavy and severe cases of incontinence

Seni Care skin care products to support cleansing and regeneration of the skin

Plus other products such as shaped pads, booster pads, and underpads complete the Seni® line.

Seni balanced skin care

Thanks to its superior quality Seni® brand gained a strong position in Europe and beyond. With Seni® you can provide Better Care for Your Loved Ones® or Yourself.

The special structure of the outer layer of Seni® products makes it possible for the vapor to pass through while stopping the liquid. This property minimizes the amount of chafes and skin irritations, and also reduces the risk of bedsores. Seni® products provide also high absorbency that can satisfy even the people with severe cases of incontinence.

Seni® line have also side gathers, leg cuffs, comfortable stretchy elastics completely surrounding the waist, Extra Dry System™, high absorbency for increased comfort and confidence.

Seni overnight products

What do others say about Seni?

Since my husband is wearing them at night no more accidents happen. I do not have to take extra clothing with me in case the pads do not hold. We can recommend them for everybody who is heavily incontinent. They are excellent. My husband will not wear any other brand but these. E.T., Family Caregiver, Florida

As a geriatric care manager I have many clients who are incontinent or experience other urinary issues. Seni products are absolutely AMAZING. My clients and families love them. They allow them to not fear going out and provides a sense of security and comfort. They also prevent any skin breakdown. Until you try them you cannot believe how wonderful they are. They are especially good if a person suffers from some type of dementia and gets agitated if they need changing. Due to the design and absorbency they don’t need changed as often. I never thought I would become so enthusiastic about a incontinence / bladder product but they deserve high praise. You use less products so they are very cost effective. Lacy D., LMSW, Atlanta, Georgia

For samples contact TZMO USA at or call (770)-744-0665.

Company Address: TZMO USA, Inc.
1827 Powers Ferry Road
Building 5
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770) 744-0665




Where to Purchase Seni® Products: Seni® products can be purchased  in individual pharmacies, medical stores, some regional supermarkets but also from their online at




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Products Sold: Premium quality absorbent pads, guards, briefs, underwear, underpads and  skin care products.

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