ProvendMed logoInspired by the real-world challenges facing urinary incontinence patients, ProvenMed was founded in response to the rising needs and expectation of these patients. The common products on the market today like adult diapers and condom catheters are not satisfactory, sustainable or delivering on patient needs. Founded by two determined and innovative entrepreneurs, ProvenMed set out to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of patients worldwide by developing an innovative wearable urinary catheter with an integrated cleaning system.

ProvenMed is redefining the urinary incontinence care industry. ActivGo videoProvenMed has created the revolutionary ActivGo™ for men, a product developed entirely from the experience of a friend suffering from this condition. It is the first urinary incontinence wearable device of its kind, developed completely from the patient’s perspective, not from an engineer’s view. Development continues, with the experience of patients shaping new development and innovation.

ProvenMed’s Story

Ever an innovator, Souheil is always seeking out new challenges, and one came along through his meeting with R&D expert Amine. Together, inspired by the stories from a friend about the daily challenges of living with urinary incontinence, the two entrepreneurs decided to combine their skills and develop a new solution to transform patients’ lives.

ProvenMed’s R&D team set out to find a new approach to this problem. They talked to patients who had tried everything on the market but never found anything that provided the long-term relief they needed, learning what was missing and the things patients actually needed to give them relief. It is this experience, with direct input from patients, that led to the development of ActivGo™ for men.ProvenMed ActivGo kit

ActivGo™ is constantly being refined with new innovative features that transform the lives of patients.

ProvenMed is truly changing urinary incontinence care practice for patients around the world. To meet the global health needs of tomorrow, it is critical to invest in research and development today, so the most effective health solutions are available when we need them. ProvenMed’s team works closely with patients, caregivers and urologists, ensuring that their products are developed with real patients’ needs in mind.

ProvenMed will continue to improve the lives of patients through improvements in urinary incontinence management based on their experience, vision and innovative spirit. With that in mind, they currently have several ongoing research and development projects.

  • A patented, innovative, wearable solution for female patients that allows easy management of both light and severe urinary incontinence with confidence and in comfort.
  • A patented mini device that transforms ActivGo™ with smart technology with Internet of Things connectivity to monitor the patient’s condition and share data with urologists to provide a better understanding of the condition.
  • A patented smart solution for children that can help overcome bedwetting problems.
  • A patented auto-drainage system that helps wheelchair people to easily manage their urinary needs.
  • And, many other innovative, patented solutions are being crafted by their R&D in conjunction with patients.


ProvenMed ActivGo complete kitWith direct input from urinary incontinence patients, their revolutionary, non-invasive wearable device ActivGo gives patients the chance to manage their condition in comfort and with discretion.

Receiving positive feedback from patients, the device eliminates the need for diapers and condom catheters, instead providing an integrated hygiene solution that prevents infection while giving patients optimal comfort and reliability throughout their daily life.

Using an active flushing system, ActivGo™ features water that maintains odor-free operation, while maintaining cleanliness to ensure there is no risk of urinary tract infection. The system is purposely designed to be simple in use for patients, and features just three components, an external catheter, a drainage bag, and a Portable bidet, all designed for maximum comfort and discreet operation.

Designed with input from real patients, ActivGo™ is ready for any market, giving users more freedom and transforming their daily lives. ActivGo™ wearable device provides the following benefits to men:

  • No more adult diapers or adhesive condom catheters ever again.
  • It is discreet and non-invasive
  • It is reusable.
  • It is leak proof and odor proof.
  • It prevents from urinary tract infection.
  • Each component can work as a standalone product or works with other third-party products.
  • It does not require clamps or adhesive.
  • Patients regain their confidence and start to live their normal life again.

As an industry comprised of large, unimaginative businesses, there has been little advance in solutions for patients for a long time. ProvenMed decided to change that, bringing new ideas, vision and innovation with an agile business founded with patient’s needs as their first priority. They set out to disrupt the industry, delivering benefits to patients through modern, innovative solutions that improve quality of life. Transforming patients’ lives is their mission, through these industry changing products and their culture of innovation and quality, they aim to provide the platform to improve patients’ quality of life forever.

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