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Pacey Medtech was created to Explore and Conquer refractory medical and surgical problems. Physicians, nurses and patients need tools that make a difference. The attitude of defining new ways to do their work is at the heart of all their efforts.


Pacey MedTech looks for pain in the medical world to find issues that need to be attacked. A range of solutions is conceived that allow serial prototyping to reveal a great solution. Key opinion leaders then bring the concepts forward to change practice and disrupt the status quo.


The control of continence issues for the urinary tract is but one of the areas Pacey MedTech will enter.Pacey Urethral Control device for men with urinary incontinence

With the Pacey Cuff™ Turbo Urethral Control Device, rule your body and assert control over your incontinence.

The patented design allows for all-day dependability and control of leakage, effectively eliminating day-to-day issues related to incontinence.

To learn more about how the Pacey Cuff was developed and how it used, check out this 2018 interview: The Pacey Cuff Urethral Control Device: Interview with CEO and a Practicing Urologist

Company Address: Pacey MedTech Ltd.
201 – 1099 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H1C3
 Telephone:  1.877.377.2239
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Joule Innovation 2017 Awards

Product sold: Pacey Cuff™ with Turbo Pad – Urethral Control Device for male urinary incontinence, a male clamp device for the control of leakage. clamps

Pacey Cuff Turbo urethral control device

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