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Pacey MedTech was created to explore and conquer refractory medical and surgical problems. The spirit of defining new ways do their work is at the heart of all of their efforts. Physicians, nurses, caregivers and patients need tools that make a difference.

Pacey has built a Urinary Incontinence System for men that works. It’s called the Pacey Cuff Ultra. It stops the leaks without blocking circulation.


The Pacey Cuff Ultra:
  • Stops urine without restricting penile blood flow – whereas clamps cut off blood flow consistently.
  • Can be worn all day and everyday during any activity. It feels light and comfortable on the penis as it is the only design on the market that does not damage tissue with daily use.
  • Has a small profile that wraps snugly around the penis – it does not cause discomfort against the user’s legs while sitting or during activity and does not catch in their underwear.
  • Is very durable (lasting at least 6 months). Pacey Cuff ultra
  • Has no metal or latex.
  • The patented design is US FDA approved, and also is a Health Canada licensed medical device and is CE marked in Europe.
Company Address: Pacey MedTech Ltd.
203 – 1099 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H1C3
 Telephone:  1.877.377.2239




More Information and Social Media: Pacey MedTech Facebook Page

Pacey MedTech LinkedIn Page

Joule Innovation 2017 Awards

How to Use the Pacey Cuff

How to Adjust the Pacey Cuff

Indications for Use Pacey Cuff

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Products sold:
  • Pacey Cuff Ultra
  • Pacey Cuff Power Sleeve
  • Incontinence Underwear Protector with Reusable Pads
  • Pacey Cuff Reusable Absorbent Pads
  • Pacey Cuff Guard
  • Men’s Breathable Underwear

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