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STYLEDWEL logoSTYLEDWEL is a company founded on the principal that everyone, regardless of their medical condition, not be limited by the stigma(s) associated with medical devices.

STYLEDWEL is dedicated and committed to providing superior and innovative products to maximize well-being for every person, every family and every community. The company’s products conceal and support medical devices, offering privacy while promoting dignity.

STYLEDWEL® is focused on making products that solve consumers’ needs. The Company was established in January 2009 to develop and market LEGG-INS® Urinary Leg Bag Cover. LEGG-INS® holds US Patents and is currently used in both institutional and home care settings. It is a stylish and discrete urinary leg bag cover that securely covers the urinary waste bag.

In addition to LEGG-INS®, STYLEDWEL® has launched the BAG-INS® Bedside Drainage Bag Tote. This product is designed to support up to a 2000 ml urinary waste collection collector. It has a sleek design and adjustable straps. It easily and securely attaches to chairs, bed rails, and walkers. Among the many features, the support system within the Tote has allowed BAG-INS® US Patents and more Patents Pending.

STYLEDWEL products are manufactured in the USA with quality materials and superior workmanship.

These stylish and durable products reinforce STYLEDWEL’s commitment to consumers. STYLEDWEL® superior products are functional and most certainly, STYLEDWEL®!

“We will delight our customers, treating each person with respect and dignity. We will provide solutions which are evidence of our commitment to our brand and our consumers.”

— Mary Marshall, Founder

Company Address: STYLEDWEL
5548 First Coast Highway
Suite 201
Amelia Island, FL 32034
Company Telephone Number: 1.352.665.7935




How to Purchase Home Delivered Products: STYLEDWEL sells products directly to consumers via phone orders or on their website.


Products Sold: Urinary collection accessories:

  • LEGG-INS® Urinary Leg Bag Cover
  • BAG-INS® Urinary Collection Bag Tote

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