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Poiesis Medical LLC ‘s mission is to develop and bring to market advanced urinary care products. Its first product is the Duette™, an FDA cleared, innovative indwelling urinary drainage system.

The Duette™ value proposition of better patient care and superior outcomes was clinically confirmed in two independent studies at Tampa General Hospital in concert with the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine and at St. Mary’s Medical Center, a level 1 trauma center in West Palm Beach, FL. The Duette™ significantly reduced the adverse effects of traditional Foley catheters, including the occurrence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), a leading source of hospital acquired infections. 

This is accomplished through the Duettes’™ unique design that improves upon and is the first meaningful structural change to the Foley catheter since its introduction in 1937.

The addition of bladder protection balloon placed on the catheter tip is designed to protect the mucosa lining and wall of the collapsed bladder from Duette cathetertrauma caused by the tip of the Foley catheter. (Please view the video.) The mucosa lining is the bladder’s primary line of defense against bacterial attachment:

· The drainage eyes are positioned between the Duettes’™ two balloons, designed to prevent aspiration of the bladder wall into the drainage eyes caused by the negative pressure from the urine column draining into the collection bag. This helps ensure proper voiding.

· TheDuette™ is inserted and removed just like a standard Foley catheter. The only extra step is the inflation and deflation of the bladder protection balloon. As a result, use of the Duette™ requires little additional training of medical personnel and caregivers.

The Duette™ by maintaining the integrity of the bladder and its innate defenses against infection delivers better patient care and superior outcomes, which together reduce healthcare costs.

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Product Information: View the Duette Difference video on YouTube.

Tampa General Study – Presented at the National Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association and the 23rd National Evidence-based Practice Conference hosted by the University of Iowa

St. Mary’s Study – Presented at the Southeast Surgical Conference Annual Scientific Meeting and the Association of American Critical Care Nurses National Teaching Institute & Critical Care Exposition

White Paper – How Foley Catheter Design Flaws May Lead to CAUTIs: The Problem and a Potential Solution by Raul Ordorica, MD and Kathleen M. Vollman, MSN, RN, CCNS, FCCM, FAAN, July 2015.


How to Purchase Poiesis Duette Products: The Duette™ is available to hospitals, care facilities and home health firms directly from Poiesis Medical or through many of their logisitics providers.

Consumers may purchase the Duette™ through national and many local Durable Medical Equipment (DME) retailers.

The Duette™ is available in a variety of French sizes in both singles and closed system kits.


Products Sold: Indwelling catheter for urinary incontinence – Duette™.


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