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grandmother and childOn Continence Central you can:

In addition, Continence Central provides you with additional helpful resources and organizations regarding incontinence.

Talk to Your Healthcare Professional About Your Incontinence Symptoms

The importance of reporting incontinence to a knowledgeable and interested healthcare professional cannot be overstated. A correct diagnosis for incontinence is extremely important for finding proper treatment and care. Incontinence can sometimes be an indicator of a more serious medical condition. Incontinence should not be ignored and it should not be viewed as a normal part of childbirth or aging.  Your healthcare professional will also help you understand which products will be the best for managing your type of incontinence.

Product Safety

All products have the potential to be hazardous. Look for and read safety information on the manufacturer’s packaging.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use. If you have questions about the safety of a product or how to correctly use a product, contact the manufacturer.

Some items found on Continence Central can be used only with a prescription and/or with a trained medical professional.

We are continuously updating and adding new companies to Continence Central to provide you with not only a wide range of product options, but also new and unique products on the market. We hope you find this information of great assistance.