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Salk, Inc.

Salk, Inc. has been in business since 1950.  For all that time, Salk’s  goal has been to restore quality of life to those individuals who suffer from incontinence.  They have successfully accomplished this objective by offering a wide variety of homecare products for men and women that are highly innovative, comfortable to wear, and have the look and feel of normal underwear.  Their products are highly absorbent, long lasting, and are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Additionally, Salk offers customer service support that is both friendly and efficient. 

It has been their pleasure to serve this market for over  60 years and they look forward to continuing the relationships developed with medical retailers and distributors throughout the world for many years to come. 

Company Address

Salk, Inc.
1005 Boylston St.
Newton, MA 02461


Company Sales / Toll Free Contact Line for Consumers


1-800-343-4497 or


Online catalog is on their website


Salk, Inc. sells their products through national distributors.



If you need assistance locating a distributor of Salk products, please contact them by using the 800 number above or emailing them for information.



Products available from Salk Inc.


Adult absorbent products (washable and reusable)
Skin care and odor products
Reusable bed/mattress pads
Washable adult briefs and panties & liners