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Absorbent products for Incontinence
Absorbent Products
- examples include pads, incontinence briefs, liners, pull-on undergarments, reusable/washable absorbent panties and briefs, diaper-styled products, etc. This also includes products that are specifically designed for women and men.





Enuresis and bedwetting products
Bedwetting / Enuresis Products
- washable or disposable mattress covers and pads, night-time drainage systems, etc. Also includes products such as chair protectors, mats, floor protectors.





Intermittent Catheters
- urinary catheters are available in several forms, sizes, and varieties, which have been classified into three main categories: Foley or indwelling catheters, temporary or intermittent catheters, and condom or male external catheters. This product category will also help you locate companies that sell catheter accessories.





Urine collectors and leg bags
Collectors / Bags
- leg bags, night or bedtime collectors, belly bags, urine collection systems, etc.





Absorbent fecal or bowel pad
Fecal / Bowel Incontinence Devices and Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL) Products
- devices especially designed to contain an accidental bowel movement. Some of these devices are available through prescriptions only and collect feces in an external collector. Others are absorbent products that can be purchased online or at retail stores for light bowel leakage. Some of the products available are specifically for odor prevention.



Intravaginal incontinence devices
Mechanical Devices
- urethral inserts, penile clamps, pessaries, intravaginal devices, etc.









Male external catheters sheaths
Male External Devices / Condom Catheter / Texas Catheters / Sheaths
- external urine drainage devices for men. Some are made of latex and some are made from silicone (non-latex) materials for those sensitivies or who have allergies to latex.




Medications for UIPrescription and OTC / Nonprescription Products- drugs/pharmaceuticals, biofeedback devices, electric stimulation devices, neuromodulation devices, pelvic floor muscle strengthening devices, etc.

Some of these devices are for use at home, and others are only available in a physician's or physical therapist's office.







Skin care products
Skin Care, Cleansing and Odor Prevention Products
- all types of skin care products from cleansers to protectants, and odor reducing products





Swim wear
Specialty Products
- apparel/clothing, swim briefs or diapers, over-the-counter (OTC) products






Toileting aids

Toileting Aids
- commodes, lift devices, bedpans, disposal systems, etc.





Body worn urinals
- hand-held types and body-worn urinals