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Wearever by Prime Life Fibers

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Prime Life Fibers began in the 1990s when its founder, Bob Deerin, noticed that the US did not have the same kind of high-quality, reusable incontinence underwear that he had seen in Europe. He and his partner began working on creating a quality, locally manufactured garment that soon incorporated their patented 3-layer fabric design that offered total protection.

The successful evolution of the company from those early days to its position of leadership today is based on a drive to develop the best incontinence products on the market. Today, under its popular Wearever brand, products meet the following criteria:

Unique-Dri™ System
Prime Life Fiber’s innovative fabric design, known as the Unique-Dri™ three-layer pad, traps liquid inside of the undergarments, effectively reducing odors. The top layer of the pad allows liquid in, and the middle layer moves it toward the edges so it won’t pool. This helps prevent bacterial growth and, therefore, less odor. The urethane bottom layer helps to prevent leakage and contains moisture inside of the undergarment. With the help of this innovative padding, Wearever incontinence briefs and panties can help even those with severe urinary incontinence, allowing them to venture out with full confidence.

Wearever incontinence briefs and panties can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid so they can handle any level of incontinence. Users can continue their normal lifestyle with grace and ease, while also being able to sleep peacefully through each night. The entire Wearever line is great for active people who wish to go about their daily routine without worry or stress about urinary incontinence.

Just like traditional underwear, incontinence briefs and panties can be machine-washed and are reusable several hundred times. Each pair allows for all-day comfort and proper fit due to a bit of stretch within the fabric.

Men vs. Women’s Underwear
Customers can choose from light, moderate and heavy absorbency levels, plus several style offerings. For women’s panties, there's cotton, a cotton blend, nylon microfiber and lace; men can choose from briefs or boxer briefs. Purchase one pair at a time or in multi-packs.

Wearever products provide a more environmentally friendly, comfortable, stylish and affordable alternative to adult disposable diapers.

Those with incontinence shouldn't have to choose between comfort and independence. Wearever incontinence panties and briefs offer a comfortable, stylish, high-quality and affordable new solution. Wearing these products will result in increased comfort, style, health, dignity, well-being and a higher quality of life overall.

Company Address

3600 N. Duke St.
Suite 107
Durham NC 27704

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Wearever Women's Incontinence Panties

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Online at their website or by calling their toll free number above

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Washable/reusable incontinence women's panties (cotton, nylon or lace) and men's boxers and briefs, and washable bed pads.