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UR Free to Go - From Kang Chien Medical

UR free to go


The UR Free to Go is a new, unique and patented “portable urinal for men." It is a new innovation that is providing a new management solution for men with urinary incontinence.

UR Free to Go was developed by Taiwan Adventist Hospital's cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Yuan Ming-chi, to help men of all ages with urinary incontinence. The device is manufactured by Kang Chien Medical in Taiwan. The company has established a North America Sales and After Service Office to provide excellent service to its customers.

UR Free to Go is FDA approved and Medicare coverage is available.

The product is comfortable, convenient and practical. It provides men with an alternative to using external catheters or adult pull-up absorbent products.

The UR Free to Go device is suitable for:

*Urinary Incontinence symptoms due to illness or limited mobility
*Travelers or workers not able to get to bathroom in a timely manner
*Replacement of adult diapers to avoid urine overflow, diaper rash and bad odor

This innovative product recently won the Highest Honor Gold Medal at the 39th Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Company Address

Kang Chien Medical Co. Ltd.
North America Sales and After Service Office
1624 West 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G2

Company Sales / Contact Line for Consumers

(778) 800-9406

Video on the UR Free to Go Device

How to Buy UR Free to Go

Call 778-800-9406 and you will be directed to a local distributor


Products sold

UR Free to Go - a male, body worn urinal, leg bag, urine bedside collector, accessory pants, leg bag holder

UR Free to Go Body Worn Urinal