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CareZips® - innovative athletic-feeling day wear pants to give incontinent adults and their caregivers an easier and more dignified change of their brief or bag or care of a wound.

The patented unique full-frontal opening allows for minimal exposure, but safe and fast access without socks and shoes necessarily being removed.  Individuals, home health care professionals, and fully skilled nursing facilities are all users and wearers of the pants for many abdominal issues - such as bariatrics, catheterizations, or temporary or permanent disabilities.


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MDF Designs, LLC - owner of CareZips®
7 Howell Mill Plantation
Atlanta GA 30327

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Watch a video to see how easy CareZips are to use.

The Wall Street Journal covers adaptive clothing -- including CareZips -- in an interview.


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CareZips® - Apparel - day-wear and athletic-feeling - with a unique full-frontal opening to aid adults or teens and their caregivers a quicker and easier change of the brief, bag, or pad -- and with far more dignity.