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CWI Medical


CWI Medical

Many caregivers, patients and customers come to CWI Medical because they are confused regarding their medical supply needs.  Some are under pressure financially and need assistance in using the right products for their budgets.  Others are worried that if they don’t use the right products, their condition will worsen.   Also enjoy the Customer Rewards Program where you can earn 2% back on whatever you buy.  Save more time and money with the Repeat Delivery Program.  Maintain your dignity with our Discreet Shipment Boxes.  For over 22 years, CWI Medical has been dedicated to helping those who are looking for a health solution. Shop with their Medical Experts. They will match your product needs to your health condition and situation step-by-step, and with great care. 

Some brands that people are familiar with that are available through CWI Medical are: Tranquility, Prevail, Tena, Attends, AMSINO, Dale Medical Products, DermaRite, Dignity, Sage Products, Salk, SoSecure Swim Brief, and Viniferamine.

Company Address

CWI Medical, Inc.
200 Allen Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Company Sales / Toll Free Contact Line for Consumers


Online Catalog

How to Purchase CWI Medical Products

Online purchasing or by calling their toll-free number above.

Products Sold

  • Adult absorbent products

  • Skin care and odor products

  • Catheters (indwelling)

  • Mechanical devices (clamps, inserts, pessaries, etc.)

  • Collectors / Bags

  • Toileting aids

  • Body worn urinals (male)

  • Fecal and ABL incontinence products

  • Urinals

  • Enuresis or Bedwetting products

CWI Medical also carries these homecare supplies: Clincial nutrition, Enteral feeding nutrition, Medical equipment, Safety and emergency evaluation

Connetquot West sells these and other products directly to long-term care facilities, acute care facilities, surgery centers, nonprofit agencies, and pharmacies and DME suppliers.