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Books on Incontinence

The following books can be ordered directly from the sources stated in the book description or by clicking on the links.

These books do not take the place of professional medical advice and should not be used for self-diagnosis,
but may be of interest to you in combination with consultation with your personal healthcare professional.

Bliss Book Cover

The Bliss of Continence Restored
- This book is based on the “Integral System” by Professor Petros (Australia) and Professor Ulmsten (Sweden) who propose that bowel and bladder problems originate mainly from a damaged vagina or the ligaments, which support it, and not from the organs themselves. While focusing on the treatment of incontinence, this book also provides new insights and treatments for chronic pelvic pain. The book informs women how damaged vaginal ligaments can cause specific problems and how such problems can be cured or improved with a time-efficient pelvic floor regime, or with minimally invasive surgery.

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This book is available only as an e-Book on, Barnes &, and other electronic book sites.



Life After Prostatectomy

Life After Prostatectomy and Other Urological Surgeries - This is one of the very few books ever written geared towards men who develop urinary incontinence after prostate and other urological surgeries. It describes in detail a structured exercise program that patients can follow at home over several weeks to get completely dry. The components of the protocol involves -

a) nutrition

b) behavior modification strategies

c) structured exercise program, etc.

Vanita Gaglani, RPT, has specialized in the treatment of urinary incontinence in men and her results have been extremely encouraging for her patients. On an average, her patients are continent in three months compared to the national average of regaining continence in six months to two or more years after surgery. To date she has successfully treated more than a thousand patients.

This book is available on It is available in both a paperback and Kindle editions.

Managing Life with Incontinence - In this book you will receive guidance from leading experts about how to take control of your life -- even when that life includes incontinence. In addition to information about treating and living with incontinence are chapters on building resiliency, communicating with friends, family, and health professionals, and overcoming stigma.

Each chapter of the book is separated by a "Lived Experience" - a life story written by individuals from around the world, who show us how they are actively living and conquering their fears regarding the challenges of daily life with incontinence.

Whether incontinence is a new diagnosis or something you have lived with for years, whether your leakage is light or heavy, you are sure to find help and inspiration within this book. This book comes to you from The Simon Foundation for Continence.


Reclaiming Book Cover

Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer: A Guide for Men and Their Partners
- In a clear and patient-friendly style, supplemented with numerous illustrative diagrams and sidebar highlights to emphasize important “take home messages,” Dr. Albaugh discusses the risks to sexual health associated with each type of treatment for prostate cancer, and addresses the specific risks associated with surgery, including urinary incontinence (Chapter 11). The book includes chapters devoted to the importance of psychological well-being to normal sexual function and a message for the partners of men dealing with sexual dysfunction following prostate cancer treatment. This book is an important guide to everything men need to know to maintain sexual health and quality of life during and after prostate cancer.

Jeffrey Albaugh, PhD, APRN, CUCNS, is a board-certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist and Director of the NorthShore University Sexual Health Clinic, Evanston, IL. He has cared for thousands of patients for more than 20 years in urology.

Over 25 Ways to Treat Incontinence Symptoms
- This guide is designed to help you manage your incontinence symptoms regardless of what they are, and to help you live the life you deserve! The book describes 25 different ways to help you learn how to deal with your incontinence symptoms. This book is a free download. This book is brought to you by Wearever.







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